Mercedes Service Sydney

“Feel confident as your Mercedes is serviced at Platinum Automotive®. You can be sure that your ride is in good hands since you have opted the leading and independent European specialists in Sydney.”

Mercedes Service Specialist in SydneyGenuine Mercedes Service Specialist in Sydney

A fancy ride such as a Mercedes requires genuine and recommended parts only. Only Platinum Automotive® can provide that. Incompatible components may be cheap but the risk on your car is big. Low quality parts can cause your luxurious ride to malfunction and become uneconomical.

Accredited new warranty protection

Platinum Automotive® is an accredited auto care workshop which is authorized by the Motor Trader’s Association of NSW to conduct manufacturer’s log book services for those who have a new vehicle. The statutory warranty of your Mercedes is sure to be validated and preserved.

State of the art equipment

High end rides like Mercedes need state of the art equipment and diagnostic scan tool. You will be provided with a complete vehicle scan and report about the service and repair that has been done on your car.