Customer Testimonials

“I have been bringing my cars to Platinum for many years now, Platinum Automotive looked after the first car, a coupe, ‘the love of my life, so to put it’, like it was their own baby and was always very honest with me. All at a much better price than if you took it back to the dealer”.

Martin J. – Darling Point NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 15 years.
“I have been bringing my cars to Platinum for 3 years, so two cars have been looked after by Platinum Automotive. I have never had any problems with Platinum’s servicing and they are cheaper than taking it to the dealership for servicing. They do a better job”.

Chris D. – Riverwood NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 3 years.


“I was very impressed with Platinum Automotive, they did a lot more than Audi were going to do, at about half the price. I was really impressed with their interest in the vehicle and the end result – the car was fantastic. That is why I chose – Platinum Automotive®”.

James. R – Watson Bay NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for the past 2 years.


“I really recommend Platinum to people, because there is cheap out there but I find then really good value for money. I often ask them to tell me what is coming up to get fixed, as I don’t want the car to break down, I use my car for work and it has to be reliable and Platium Autotive makes sure things are running the way they should”

Andrew. H – Eastern Suburbs NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 2 years.


“I am very happy to take my cars to Platinum Automotive for servicing. They will always tell you what your car requires, he makes sure the work is done and done to a high standard.

“Pricing is always discussed prior to any work being carried out, works are completed on time and it is completed in such a fashion that when you get your car back, it’s like it’s been on holiday, the engine’s been washed and so are the matts. You can have confidence because you are dealing with the proprietor”.

Anthony. V – Maroubra NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 2 years.


“I have had my BMW for 3 years and two out of that I have taken it to Platinum. I initially got a quote from BMW and I got a quote from Platinum and for the same work, I found that Platinum was very much more economical.

“The items that needed replacement were thoroughly checked and at the end of the day I got a bill that was smaller than the estimate and I was really excited about that.

“You know that you are getting quality parts at a reasonable price, they identify the same issues, they have the technology to do it. They do it as promised on time, they give you a seamless service and my car now drives like it is new.”

Raj. P – Eveleigh NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 2 years.


“I have been taking my cars to Platinum Automotive® for about 10 or 12 years now, and I have never had to take a car back for something that was not done correctly.

“I worked in the aviation industry for 40 odd years and I understand the absolute importance of Their motto – “Do it right and do it once”

John. L – Botany NSW – Platinum Automotive® customer for 12 years.


“I’d just like to say the service you provided was excellent! Pick up and drop off… great service! and communitcation about the service….fantastic! This is such a refreshing change from the impersonal and arrogant response you get from speaking to dealerships!

“And guess what no bill for needlessly replacing wiper blades without notice… (just a rort from the dealerships)! I will be back! Thanks”

Rob. B – New customer of Platinum Mobile Car Service.


What matters in the eyes of the next owner is knowing that the car was looked after properly, and with the Platinum Automotive® stamp of authenticity you can rest soundly in the fact that you are protecting your cars resale value.

So why not call us today for your next service, you will be glad you did!

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