Volvo Service Sydney

Your Volvo is reliable. Solid. Quality. European. It has class, sleek design and is high calibre. You know its movements and sounds intimately. When you notice something out of the ordinary, you want to get it repaired and serviced by those in the know. Not just a general mechanic, but a Volvo specialist. Someone who understands the issue at hand and reflects your passion and careful nature. Someone you can trust time and time again to assist with repairs and ongoing services.

Volvo Specialists Who Understand

Platinum Automotive Care have added Volvo repairs and service to their specialised list of luxury car repairs and service. Located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, their qualified mechanics are very friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and well known for caring for your car as much as you do. Fully certified by Volvo and with decades of accumulated mechanical experience, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their professionalism, workmanship and attention to detail are their utmost priority whether it is with urgent Volvo repairs or a regular Volvo services and maintenance.

New Warranty Protection Guaranteed

If your Volvo is still under factory warranty, any repairs or services are still covered at Platinum Automotive Care. They are an NRMA approved repairer as well as a member of the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry and carry many other accreditations. You can be assured that all new vehicle logbook services are authorised and your Volvo statutory warranty will remain intact.

Premium Volvo Service

When it’s time for your regular Volvo service, expect only the best as Platinum Automotive Care use state of the art diagnostic scanning equipment. Any perceived issues are outlined in a comprehensive vehicle report and scan. Repairs and services are just the physical side of the service. There is just as much emphasis put on creating customer loyalty and relationship management. If any issues are found with your vehicle the Volvo mechanic will discuss these with you prior to undertaking any repair or service. They want to ensure you agree to and understand their recommendations – just another way to personalise your experience.

Genuine Volvo Repairs

There’s a lot to be said about using genuine or recommended quality Volvo parts. Vehicle malfunction, which may occur if using incompatible or unapproved parts, is reduced and you will find that your vehicle’s performance will be more economical. As soon as you feel something isn’t quite right, contact your Volvo specialist.

Stress Free Valet Service

Have you ever turned on the ignition only to here that dreaded “click” with no engine noise? It’s never a good feeling especially when you’re in a rush. Or perhaps you need to book your Volvo in for a regular service but have no way of getting yourself back home or to work. Platinum Automotive Care has everything covered. Make use of their pickup and return delivery service, or complimentary valet service. They’ll take the stress off you and arrange to get your car to and from their expert mechanics for you.

For expert Volvo repairs and service, contact Platinum Automotive TODAY