Keeping your car’s oil healthy

Keeping your car’s oil healthy

Did you know…. Even if you don’t drive your car very often, it still requires a service annually?

You may think it is not doing much harm. But leaving your car in the garage over time would in fact still put wear on it internally, and could cause more damage than you realise.


IMG 20171115 074815The engine oil and brake fluid in our vehicles are hydroscopic. This means, water vapours from the air we breathe is constantly absorbed by these fluids, diluting them over time. When there is too much water content in these fluids, corrosion and rust can occur. The engine oil can become sludgy, causing carbon build up and premature wear to the engine internally. The brake fluid will lose its boiling point to work effectively, and internal rusting can form on the brake components…. Get the picture?

It doesn’t help if you do drive the vehicle once in a while only to get to the shops down the road. The engine oil will not get heated enough to be rid of the water content it has absorbed over time.

This is why, even if you haven’t clocked in much mileage on your vehicle, we would still recommend an oil change at least once a year to keep the health of your vehicle in check. Brake fluid flush should be done once every two years as recommended by the manufacturer specifications.