Warranty Inspections

Why a Warranty Inspection – New & Used Cars? A Warning!

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Has This Ever Happened To You?

If you have recently purchased a new car, you will be mindful of preserving your new vehicle’s factory warranty, and obtaining expert log book servicing at competitive rates. New car franchise dealers use to have a monopoly on this, and in our experience, vehicles serviced at new car dealerships often require a long list of repairs as soon as the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty expires, resulting in costly expenses for you – the unsuspecting owner. Not surprising when you think about it really is it?

Accredited New Warranty Protection

If your car is still under factory warranty, any services & repairs carried out by Platinum Automotive Care will not affect your warranty in any way. We can carry out all new vehicle log book services and you can be sure your manufacturer’s statutory warranty remains intact.
We can even check your vehicle for any warranty issues so that you can take it back to the dealer for warranty repairs, helping you make the most out of your warranty period.

Book In Before Your Factory Warranty Expires

Platinum Automotive Care provides the most comprehensive Pre Warranty Expiry Inspection Report to ensure that you are not liable for any major or unnecessary repairs after your vehicle manufacturer or insurer’s warranty expires. Be sure to book your new car in with us for a thorough check over before your vehicle’s warranty expires.

Call us now on (02)93168383, it can save you money!


Let Platinum Automotive Care check over your vehicle before your factory warranty runs out!