Holiday Road Trip Checklist For Your Car
It is important to have your vehicle checked over before taking that road trip during the holidays. (more…) Read More
Published on 30/05/2018
Keeping your car’s oil healthy
Did you know…. Even if you don’t drive your car very often, it still requires a service annually? You may think it is not doing... Read More
Published on 22/03/2017
Battery Checkup
Winter is well and truly here. The cold, damp weather can be quite harsh on your vehicle’s battery, so it is a good idea to... Read More
Published on 15/11/2016
Liqui Moly Oils & Products
At Platinum Automotive Care, we constantly strive to provide the best quality services for our customers, so it makes sense to offer our customers the... Read More
Published on 22/10/2016
Importance Of Regular Servicing
If you ever thought to put off that scheduled maintenance for your vehicle… don’t! It can be a major inconvenience to be without your car... Read More
Published on 09/08/2016
Our Facebook Page
Platinum Automotive Care deals with a huge variety of European cars, all needing different repairs and services. Our regularly maintained Facebook page had been put in place... Read More
Published on 24/11/2015
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