The Platinum Workshop

The Platinum Workshop

Being a European car specialist means that not only do we need to have immense experience with European cars, we also need to have the most appropriate and effective equipment in our workshop to get the best results.

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The equipment we use at Platinum, not only allows our skilled mechanics to fix and repair to an excelling criteria, it also allows us to assess and predict any issues with the car that may be typically unseen or hidden. Taking your car to a mechanic when there is a problem is something we can find a solution through our workshop processes, however what defines the gear and equipment we use as essential is the fact that we can use our tools to predict and foresee any potential issues that could arise within your cars lifetime.

The tools we use at Platinum include premium diagnostic scanning systems and consistently updated workshop machinery and equipment. All these factors weigh in heavily on the premium services we have to offer. It is ever important for us to keep our workshop and equipment state of the art as the cars being made today are increasing in technology which means the basic mechanical functions need to be supported with new and improved mechanical tools and diagnostic systems.

Our tools not only allow us to do premium mechanical work on European cars, they also enable us to repair and service all car makes and models.
By specialising in European cars, our mechanics have a deep understanding of the complex nature of performing mechanical services on any makes and models.