Why use an independent mechanic for your car service

Why use an independent mechanic for your car service

The debate over choosing who to let service and repair your car comes down to a few key points. Dealer mechanics often just don’t offer the same service as independent mechanics do. In saying this, the best way to find a great mechanic is to ask around, do your research and also experiment with different mechanics. You will often find people are willing to tell you about great or poor services.


The Cost

Pricing is often one of the main reasons you get a person to come to a specific mechanic. Often people are on budgets and those budgets don’t usually include nasty mechanical surprises. This being said, the mechanic surprises are something that must be dealt with, which is why picking a mechanic with the right price becomes ever so important.

One of the hugest differences between the choosing dealership mechanics and independent mechanics is the cost. There is a trend in people feeling ripped off by the dealerships, which is also followed up by the actual price differences. Yes there are going to be independent mechanics who will charge an unusually high price, however it is seen that independent mechanics are more often than not, cheaper than dealership mechanics.

The Staff

The way in which you interact with the staff at your mechanic plays a big part in decisions. The common trend for dealership mechanics is to have a wide employee base which means you’re more than likely to not interact with the same employee during your car’s lifespan. Independent workshops on the other hand understand the importance of keeping the customer happy through not only great work but also great relationships.

It’s easy to feel connected to a dealership mechanic as you have just bought the car from the dealer. This is an unnecessary feeling as typically to dealer mechanics, the point isn’t to provide a service, but rather to turn over revenue. Obviously independent mechanics also have the sole purpose to bring profit, but they understand that the best way to do this is to provide an excellent service with excellent employee-customer relations to ensure repeat business and referrals.

Who are the real Experts

A common perception is that dealership mechanics will have a better understanding of the particular makes in which they are associated with. This can be true in some circumstances, but here at Platinum Automotive Care we ensure our mechanics are specialists in each of the areas we offer our expertise in.

Deciding on an expert shouldn’t be based purely on the name of the mechanic, by doing some research and asking a few questions you can be assure that the mechanic you decide with is more than capable for your car.


It’s very easily misconceived that warranties MUST be maintained by dealership services and repairs. A lot of independent mechanics are accredited to perform logbook services that will comply with all warranty requirements. Here at Platinum Automotive Care, our team can perform any new car and regular logbook services and repairs, whilst keeping your dealer warranty intact.


The parts in which the repairer uses is an issue that comes in the independent vs. dealership debate. Dealerships will only use manufacturer’s parts which does guarantee quality, however independent mechanics usually offer these parts as well as cheaper alternatives. Independent mechanics will usually allow you the choice in the different parts in which they have supplied to you.

In conclusion, the ultimate decision is up to your judgements. You need to assess all of the previously mentioned factors to come up with a criterion. You can then take this criterion to your local independent workshop and dealership to see which one best suits you. Remember, this is your car that is being serviced so it is up to you to select the most suitable mechanic to best match your needs and you cars needs.