Holiday Road Trip Checklist For Your Car

road trip test

It is important to have your vehicle checked over before taking that road trip during the holidays.

Checks you can easily do yourself include:

  • Tyre pressures. Follow the manufacturer’s spec for the correct pressures.
  • Tyre tread depths. If they are getting close to the minimum mark, consider having them replaced before you go. Finding the right replacement tyre for your vehicle may be difficult in remote areas. Plus, you don’t want to spend your holiday shopping for tyres.
  • Spare tyre. Make sure you have one in the vehicle that will get you out of trouble.
  • Tyre changing kit. Make sure this is also in the vehicle and learn how to use it.
  • Oil, coolant, brake fluid level. If you have been topping up any of these fluids more frequently than usual, now is the time to bring the car in to Platinum Automotive Care for an inspection.
  • Lights, especially the headlamp & high beam, as these will help you navigate in the dark.
  • Windscreen washer fluid level. You need to be able to wash the windscreen when needed to assist with visibility whilst driving.
  • Windscreen wipers. Again, it is important to keep your visibility clear at all times, a good working pair of wipers will be your saviour in the rain.
  • Clean windscreen. A clear windscreen is imperative if you are going to be driving during dawn, dusk, and at night, when the glare is strong from the sun or the oncoming traffic.


Even if you are not going for that long drive, it is still good practice to do these checks yourself regularly. As the 12 month service interval is becoming more and more common amongst all makes and models, it can be a long wait before your car is looked at again by a technician.

Keep yourself safe on the roads. Stay alert and take regular short breaks.

If you need any assistance, just give Platinum Automotive Care a call on 93168382.

Platinum Automotive Care uses Liqui Moly oils & products.

liquid moly products

At Platinum Automotive Care, we constantly strive to provide the best quality services for our customers, so it makes sense to offer our customers the best European oils to match.


Founded in Germany over 50 years ago, Liqui Moly is one of Europe’s leading brands of high quality lubricants, fuel & oil additives. Working closely with many of the world’s best car makers, its products are developed, tested, and certified to the exacting standards you would expect of a leading German manufacturer.


The products only get produced within Germany and nowhere else. This is the quality guarantee we trust.

Liqui Moly

Keeping your car’s oil healthy

yearly-car-serviceDid you know…. Even if you don’t drive your car very often, it still requires a service annually?

You may think it is not doing much harm. But leaving your car in the garage over time would in fact still put wear on it internally, and could cause more damage than you realise.

Changing your oil

The engine oil and brake fluid in our vehicles are hygroscopic. This means, water vapours from the air we breathe is constantly absorbed by these fluids, diluting them over time. When there is too much water content in these fluids, corrosion and rust can occur. The engine oil can become sludgy, causing carbon build up and premature wear to the engine internally. The brake fluid will lose its boiling point to work effectively, and internal rusting can form on the brake components…. Get the picture?

It doesn’t help if you do drive the vehicle once in a while only to get to the shops down the road. The engine oil will not get heated enough to be rid of the water content it has absorbed over time.

This is why, even if you haven’t clocked in much mileage on your vehicle, we would still recommend an oil change at least once a year to keep the health of your vehicle in check. Brake fluid flush should be done once every two years as recommended by the manufacturer specifications.


Battery Checkup

Winter is well and truly here. The cold, damp weather can be quite harsh on your vehicle’s battery, so it is a good idea to have them checked regularly during the winter months, especially if they are more than 3 years old.


Battery Replacement

Your battery works when chemical reactions produce electrons to supply current. Cold temperatures disrupts the chemical process inside the battery, effectively slowing it down and reducing the battery’s ability to hold charge, sometimes causing the battery to go flat and stop functioning. Unfortunately, the battery does not give you much of a warning before it decides to give up on you. To help prevent this from happening, have your battery checked for its charge rate, corrosion, aging and any other possible damages, even if it appears to be working fine right now.


At Platinum Automotive Care, your battery gets checked as part of the general service we carry out. We want to make sure our customers do not get caught out with a weak battery, stranded by the side of the road. We recommend and only use the highest quality of heavy duty European battery on the market. Our Bosch battery also comes with a 2 year warranty.


Importance Of Regular Servicing


Keep Your Car Running Like New!

If you ever thought to put off that scheduled maintenance for your vehicle… don’t!

It can be a major inconvenience to be without your car for the day, but thinking that it drives fine now and waiting until things fail on your vehicle is both dangerous and expensive. Plus, it always gives up on you when you least expected, at a time most inconvenient to you.

Regular checks and maintenance is the best way to maximize the return of your investment (your vehicle). We recommend an oil change every six months or at least once a year to prolong the health of your engine.

Platinum Automotive makes it easy for you.

At Platinum Automotive Care, we like to make the process of servicing your vehicle as easy and convenient as possible. We know it can be a bit of a hassle when you are left without your car.

Each time you book in for a service with us, we offer complimentary pick up and drop off services to and from your home or office*, we can even give you the keys to our courtesy car so that you can get on with your daily activity without disruptions. You won’t even notice your car is gone for the day.

Let Platinum Automotive prolong the health of your engine & the life of your vehicle. We only use the highest quality factory specified oils & filters. Staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance really pays off in the long run. Don’t allow a small job turn into a huge & costly problem.


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The Platinum Automotive Facebook Feed

Platinum Automotive deals with a huge variety of European cars, all needing different repairs and services. Our regularly maintained Facebook page had been put in place to highlight and show some of the work we do on some of the amazing cars that come into our workshop.


At Platinum Automotive, we have a wide range of skills that make us a perfect fit to service and repair the complexity and detailed nature of European cars. Our team of specialists and mechanics love working on the mechanical wonders that are European cars and now we want to share these great cars and our services with you on Facebook.


The Platinum Automotive Facebook page gives a regular feed of images of cars we service, cars we love, information about our workshop and also regular tips and hints on how to look after and maintain your car. To find out more, or better yet, to see some of our posts visit our Facebook page at and be sure to give us a like!


The Platinum Workshop

Being a European car specialist means that not only do we need to have immense experience with European cars, we also need to have the most appropriate and effective equipment in our workshop to get the best results.

The equipment we use at Platinum, not only allows our skilled mechanics to fix and repair to an excelling criteria, it also allows us to assess and predict any issues with the car that may be typically unseen or hidden. Taking your car to a mechanic when there is a problem is something  we can find a solution through our workshop processes, however what defines the gear and equipment we use as essential is that factor that we can use our tools to predict and for see any potential issues that could arise within your cars lifetime. Read More

Why use an independent mechanic for your car service.

The debate over choosing who to let service and repair your car comes down to a few key points.  Dealer mechanics often just don’t offer the same service as independent mechanics do. In saying this, the best way to find a great mechanic is to ask around, do your research and also experiment with different mechanics. You will often find people are willing to tell you about great or poor services. Read More